Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Latest Designs

I have several new designs to post. I just have to do my photo shoot for the new pieces first. I have two sets for girls, both in blues and purples with yellow smiley faces. They look really cute. I have this really adorable girl's sterling silver wire-wrapped earrings that have a polymer clay heart for the main bead and I have some lapis earring sets as well. I finally decided on the earring design for my mother of pearl necklace that is already in the shop and will be adding the earrings to the set shortly. I'm still comtemplating my next set. I decided to keep the first lapis necklace set as the lapis was actually a gift from my husband a while ago, but I like the design so much that I will post it to my blog and will eventually design a lapis set to sell and if I get a request, then it will be sooner rather than later. I also have a custom design to finish for the shopowner of
My 14 yr. old cat was nearly killed by a dog today, so today was rather done at that point. Jasmine is safe and I have a new shotgun - yep, city slicker done gone country, oh boy. No body told me that when I moved to the country that I would become a smidgeon less city slicker after a decade or so of living out here........You guys better watch out as after another 10 years of living out here, I just might, just might, start saying 'ya'll' instead of 'you guys'. I may even start saying 'coke' for any carbonated drink instead of saying 'soda', but I doubt it, lol, but then again, I never thought I would be wanting to target practice with my Remington. Holy cow, I have my own

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