Saturday, July 4, 2009

What a Day!


On the agenda when I get a job is to finish the fence so our cats will be safe and then some or most can go back outside. The McDaniel homeless shelter is over capacity. Tigger - well he's stuck inside. He's allergic to wasps. He won't give me much of a moments peace when I sit down at the computer. He has decided that is officially get in Momma's lap time and when she's not sitting down there, then he is the self proclaimed seat warmer.

Blizzard, the kitten, the lastest homeless shelter addition likes to ummmmmm, nice word - yeah, anger the other cats on purpose just to make them growl and hiss. He'll give them about 30 seconds and then do it again. Mouse has claimed the top of the fridge. So, the only things that have made it up there to stay are the fire extinguishers as she hasn't figured out how to knock them over. Sapphire. Well heck, she's our football player - linebacker at that. So, having her is like having a bull in china cabinet, but she doesn't knock things off the fridge on purpose.

Sylvester. Well, he needs therapy. Lots of therapy. He's a couple years old or more and he continues to like to climb the backdoor ( a french paned door). He climbs the curtain and hangs from the rod randomly.

Oh did I mention Sapphire will go in the toilet for a drink if the toilet seat is forgotten........

Luckily Wilbur and Jasmine are outside. They have no inclination to be inside and luckily have enough street smarts thus far to be safe from the dogs. Garfield and Patches come in to visit and were coming in every night back when most of the dog pack was still coming around. We're down to a couple dogs in the pack now. So, everybody has a bit better chance of making it.

Did I mention we live in the country and have no redlights on about 3 acres and most folks around here on our street have that or more - lots of woods around here.

More to come.

Happy 4th Everyone!

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  1. If they weren't so endearing, then it would have been easier to have let them just go to the overcrowded animal rescue league. We are responsible pet owners though, the kitties we take in all get fixed, fed, and loved.