Friday, July 10, 2009

Follow Friday and Why :>)

If you give my blog a moment to load you will find the list of blogs I follow down on the left - way down. I just added 11 blogs I follow from my dashboard. I always forget to update that. I just changed the view of the folks I follow, so now you can see a snippet of their latest post. I'm playing around with it to see if I like it better this way.

I will make no guarantees, but a follow friday on here would be nice and then tell why. Give the name of the blog that tagged you so to speak aka you are officially tagged when you read this. :) And if you follow one of the blogs I list, then tell 'em Mignon sent you. :)

I randomly chose two blogs to suggest following this week. Why 2? Well, obviously I like the blogs I follow, but being reasonable, giving 2 per week is sufficient.

So, who tagged me?? I tagged myself by starting this. :)


The Mincing Mocking Bird

Why??? He has unusually dry wit that amuses me immensely and to top it all off, besides being a fellow Etsian, he is fantastic artist.


Ginabee's Creations and Musings

Well, we just hit it off right away and one of these days I'm going to get down to her neck of the woods and see her. She has fantastic jewelry and if I didn't design jewelry myself, well, I'd be her best customer. Since, I can't be her best customer, then I'll have to settle for Etsy blogging buddy. :)

The link option wouldn't work for me at 2 A.M., but scroll down the side and you will find a working link to both blogs. They're both fellow Etsians with great blogs.

Happy Friday Folks!


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