Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marketing Your Online Shop 101

Class is now in session.

I've come across some great sites that one of the folks I follow on Twitter shared with me, I believe. I filter so much information these days that I lose track of the source sometimes.

So, I haven't had time to pursue them farther than knowing they are useful at this point, but what I will do is share them with you for free. :) (I also just purchased a creating facebook fan club set of instructions from this person on his Etsy homepage).

You ought to see the website I accidentally 'X'ed off and can't find it in my history bar. ARGH.

Let me know what you think and feel totally free and welcome to share good info. in return. The best way we artisans and crafters can make it is to support each other in our endeavors. Even though we are all over we still have a community within our group.

I'll share when I get something good. :)



  1. Just a suggestion - it's easy to make links clickable in your blog. This would make your blog much user friendly.

  2. Thanks. Never noticed that button before. :>)