Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art By Mignon Grand Opening

I am officially open over at

:) Many thanks to my stepmom for her encouragement and many many thanks to Knotaway! The dear sweet artist over at - Well I couldn't have gotten this off the ground so easily without her to be sure. So, she doesn't know it yet, but when she bought a strand of my temporarily strung amber beads from my 'SundryShopByMignon', I enclosed a 5x7 with the mini print and she officially gets the #1 of the 25 prints that have been professionally printed on that size. :) I thought it only fitting that the person who directed me to where to get acid-free archival clear envelopes and where to turn for professionally printed prints get a #1 of one of these sets of prints. I would still be a fish out of water flopping and flipping on the sand trying to find home if it weren't for her guidance. :)

My Knotaway artist friend also does tatting....Don't ask me what tatting is exactly, but she's planning on using some of those genuine amber beads in her stitches. YOU can go over to her shop and ask her what tatting is. :) She also does these fantastic prints like Walter Anderson did with the cut linoleum. Very awesome! I'm so glad to see the artform is still being used as I was rather worried that it was a lost art form before I met my friend. :)


  1. Aww Shucks! I'm tearing up! You're just as sweet as sugar cane girl!
    I am SO honored to be the new owner of a fabulous print! I got it last night and it is beautiful! It will definitely hold a place of honor in our home!
    (and I have no doubt you would have found the sources that I found pretty quickly, too!)
    And comparing my work to Walter Anderson's is hugely flattering for me, not sure about the ramifications for W.A., though! ;D
    (Still working on the crazy house print - it hasn't been forgotten, just time consuming! :D )

  2. I talk about it being so hot you can melt molasses and you talk about folks being sweet as sugar cane. We are totally southern, lol. I remember sucking on sugar cane as a child.

    You are very welcome. :) I can't wait to see the crazy house print. :)