Friday, June 26, 2009

My Shops

I have somehow become one of those people. There are two types of those people. The first are the ones who are crazy. The second are the ones who just love various art mediums and Etsy so much that they cannot decide on one artistic medium or having one shop, so they go all out crazy. I haven't decided if I'm crazy or all out crazy yet........ :)

http://www.jewelrybymignon.etsy. com (artisan jewelry as you know) (vintage items including an occasional vintage to antique book, etc., and now I have begun adding beading supplies to this shop) Why not, right? I love gemstone beads, so why not buy a few extra along with my own personal shopping and sell some, use some, and keep some. :) I know I regularly want a strand or two of beads instead of placing a full blown order, so surely there are other folks who would like to do the same. (art and photography by Mignon)
Yep, gone crazy. I seriously shared my art via prints on those Father's Day cards and stepmom told me I should sell prints and such. So, I listened to her and here I go. I have the basics of the shop up, my giclees and ACEO's are on order and should be in any day now - all ready to be shot and uploaded. :) I'll be selling prints in various sizes, ACEO's, and giclees, along with occasional originals. My dear friend from sent me a mailer with a sweet drawing on the outside and shared some of her stash of archival acid-free sleeves for prints and art to go in. I'm totally on my way and it shouldn't be more than a few days before my first postings go in the shop. :) (definitely selling my jewelry here and may add some ACEO's)

I'm trying my first advertising venture for Artfire tomorrow. We shall see if it is successful. Currently, I am keeping my postings on Artfire to under 10 as you can post up to 10 items for free, then they start charging. If I start getting sales on Artfire, then I'll upgrade to a paid account.

I added Etsy minis and an Artfire mini to my side column in my blog, so you may click one to go right to one of the shops. :)

You know I'm dreaming here, considering I'm still in the early stages of all my shops and such, but wouldn't it be great to be successful enough to work from home..........

Have a great day folks. :)



  1. What's the problem with dreaming big? The biggest dreams may crash the hardest, but they also are the ones that take off and soar the highest. It's a risk, but it will be 100% worth it. Bravo girl.

  2. I think you are doing great! Wish I had enough time to devote to my little shop to help it grow.
    (Check my blog for a new recipe - I finally posted mine after yours! BTW the green beans were fab!)

  3. Glad you liked the greenbeans. I had to do something to get Kevin to eat them. :) I'll definitely be checking out your recipe. :)