Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Latest Loves

When it comes to jewelry, I'm quite shallow apparently. I fall in love with the latest design and rather forget about whatever is already stuffed in one of my drawers.

The simple lines ring I've worn for about 6 weeks straight and I'm finally offering it in the store to sell as a custom order. I love being able to adjust it as my fingers swell in our Mississsippi heat. Then, the sassy earrings just sparkle too much AND its the peacock blue pearls that I just love. Yep, totally shallow - tomorrow it will be some other pair of earrings and these will be forgotten......or maybe not. I LIKE these! And, they're longggg and........sparkly.


  1. I finally get to see the ring! It turned out so great! I'm not like you with jewelry though, while you like the latest fads I tend to stick more towards classic. I'm boring like that. Not saying I never go for the new and trendy, but I like the simplicity of classic I guess. I'm the same way with my clothes.

  2. It isn't the latest fad that gets me, its my latest creation that gets me. I must say I like the simplicity of the ring. :)