Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Sunny Day in June

Once upon a time on a overly warm day (make that extremely unbearably hot and humid unless you are truly a southerner and then it's simply overly warm) in June, the hubs was off on a Thursday, my son was restless, and I had a friend who had never been to a country girl's swimming hole, but she bravely accepted an invitation for her wee 3 offspring to come have a picnic and play in the murky waters of the Strong River (brave indeed I tell you - good thing she didn't see the five foot Cottonmouth of last summer, hmmm). We seven had a delish picnic on a set of those infamous concrete benches that parks are known for and we roamed all over that river, even sat in the 'jacuzzi' which was genuinely perfectly chilly - exactly what any southerner country gal would want to ward off the overly warm day feeling one gets down here, and we saw no snakes today. ;) I'm thinking the same time next week might just be in order.

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