Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bringing Home a Bit of the Ocean

Seashells, suntans, sandy toes, new T-shirts, and lots and lots of photos - that's what we bring home for certain each time we go on one of our beach trips. As a matter of a fact, I just bought 3 new pretty jars to fill with seashells and such. And, I'm sitting here today creating hubs' requested Daddy's Day gift - he likes his cards to be created rather than bought - he says they say more and whether I paint them or create them by hand or on the computer, he simply prefers them more. So, I used our beach photos to create his Daddy's day card and made a photo collage to frame before tomorrow for his gift.

Bringing home a bit of the ocean is nothing new for our family, but this year....well, this year, hubs surprised me by insisting we get me a new bicycle at the beach no less for he wasn't convinced we could get precisely that bike once we got home even with the ISBN num. She's a comfy beauty. She's considered a cruiser as I can sit up rather than lean on my wrists so much, unlike my 21-speed, and she's still a 7-speed and I can pack a picnic on the back. It was most curious finding room for her in the van, but where there is a will, there is a way, and let me tell you, hubs had the will on this one.

I brought home a bit of the ocean this year and she's blue like the sky, aqua like the water, and white like the creamy sands of the Panhandle. Hubs predicts I shall have her a long long time and that one day we shall have to repaint her to maintain that lovely look she has.... did you notice her whitewall tires. ;)

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