Monday, June 20, 2011

Hiking Trail

A hiking trail in the middle of sand dunes? Really? That sounds hot and forboding. Quite the contrary. The dunes at Grayton Beach State Park in Florida are quite impressive. What is even more surprising is the narrow foot trail that meanders through them where you are allowed to step (stay on the trail so as not to hurt the dunes, but trail there is). You take a short hike on a thick sand foot trail up a sandy hill. Your reward for the little trek is the most secret little grove beneath some of the loveliest Oaks. They've even set a wooden bench there for you. My first thought, well right after thinking of the peace I could have there sitting quietly, is what a perfect spot for a small intimate wedding with the Oaks standing as guests. You get the loveliest view of the sunset when looking west toward the trail opening. We meandered further than the quiet grove beneath the trees, but only on the marked path. It was as though we had been whispered a secret by stopping there beneath the trees. You can just hear the grove in the rustling grass gently reminding one to stay off the dunes that protect the beauty you see from the hurricane winds that inevitably come.

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