Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thinking About a New Giveaway

Why do giveaways??

Giveaways are fun for those who enter and those who do them. It's a great way to advertise, but have fun while doing so. I can pay for advertisement, which I do here and there, or I can do a giveaway. Which would you rather do? Pay for advertisement which doesn't really make anyone smile or do a giveaway which makes both the shop owner and the entrants smile. It's fun, it's quirky, and at the end of the day - giving someone an unexpected gift is very rewarding and leaves a warm spot in your heart. I did a giveaway in December on Facebook and I can't wait to hear from the recipient about her necklace. What's really fun is the people who tell me they've never won anything in their whole lives, yet they win a piece of jewelry from me. It's rather a pay-it-forward endeavor. So, look for the next giveaway to be coming soon, but this one will be on the blog. ;)

Hope are you having a fabulous New Year so far! ;)


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  1. I'm planning a giveaway soon - was going to do it on facebook but have you heard - they've banned them!