Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewelry By Mignon - Mommy's Fairy Dust

Mommy will become Mom or Momma one day soon, but not tonight. For now, I still get to be Mommy for a little while longer. Our precious miracle son went to sleep tonight with a Benadryl and a stuffy nose. By 1 A.M., he was awake, in tears, the Benadryl having worn off, and his little nose completely stopped up. Earlier in the night he had a boo-boo on his foot and he was in pain from where the kitten accidentally scratched him. I pulled out my magic band-aids and they made the pain go away a bit. Upon the wee one waking at 1 A.M., I set the kettle on the stove to bring the water to below a boil for the wee one a cup of Jasmine Green Tea with honey. Hubs administered Benadryl, Aleve, and Robitussin. Of course none of the meds have any magic. Mommy's honey by the tablespoon has a nice sprinkling of magic while we wait for the water to warm. The scrumptious cup of jasmine tea has all the magic of any fairy's wand. So, we sat on the antique sofa in the art room across from the kitchen, drank Jasmine tea with extra honey, and watched a smattering of Antiques Road Show in the middle of the night. It is wonderful to be Mommy, more wonderful to have smatterings of Mommy magic, and most wonderful of all to have the trust of one's own child who knows when hurts or sickness come that Mommy will be right there with hugs, kisses, magic band-aids, tea, and honey all in the cupboard - all coverd in fairy dust.

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