Sunday, January 31, 2010

Custom Valentine Request - Jewelry By Mignon

Becoming a jewelry artisan who shares her work with other people has enriched my life so very much. I had originally started on this journey for only making and designing pieces for myself. However, the fates aligned such that sharing my designs with others was inevitable. Sharing has led me to being able to be a part of so many lives for fleeting moments. There's the little girl who wears a sweet little pair of earrings I designed and her mom wrote me to tell me she can hardly get her out of her earrings to go to bed. Then there's the wedding where the flower girls all wore lovely pale lime green pearl and copper bracelets which showed up beautifully against their pale blue dresses. There are friends who smile a little bigger because they know I made them a piece with love. I have lots of sweet stories that touch my heart even from people who don't buy but are so moved by the jewelry that they touch my heart.

This time another sweet person has touched my heart with her story and we are currently chatting back and forth trying to align what's in her head and what comes out of mine. This bracelet is a culmination of this ongoing discussion.

The cord is a colorfast cotton cord that lasts longer than leather. The sweet faceted beads are uniquely enough acrylic beads I had bought to make gifts for nieces and other little girls who are in my life via the wee one's class at school, but they just may foot the bill for this order. The findings are copper. The heart is created by hand by me. I used a length of round copper wire, shaped, hammered, soldered, and antiqued. The heart has a nice varied pantina that will only become more beautiful with age.

I love this happy bracelet for all ages. Don't you?

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  1. I do love it, Mignon! What a sweet post. :-)

    Your BNR Buddy,
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