Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Design at Jewelry By Mignon

A New Design is posted in the Jewelry By Mignon shop. ;)

Being a outdoors kind of person in the first place is only more focused when our beloved Gulf of Mexico is fighting a battle right now. When I came across these fantastic Mother-of-Pearl handcut square stones dyed seafoam no less, then a beach-inspired design was sure to follow. The lovely Mother-of-Pearl earrings are completed with links of sterling silver chain and the best part is the earrings can easily be shortened to your preference by removing links.

These earrings won't get lost in long tresses of hair and will look beautiful with short hair as well. The color just makes me want to pack a bag and head south until I reach the seashore. I can see the clear aqua blue water and just imagine I hear the waves hit the shore when I look at these exquisite earrings.

:) Mignon

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