Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mississippi Arts and Crafts Freelance Writing

(photos are courtesy of Kay Olliver)
Probably a year ago, I applied with to become a freelance writer. My angle was to write on Arts and Crafts for the local Jackson and Mississippi area. I got the job. My very own Examiner webpage is up and live. My first article on the Belhaven and Farmer's Market has been posted.

This is very exciting news. I am in a position to fully promote our local Mississippi Arts and Crafts festivals as well as interview Mississippi's own artisans and crafters. Just think, what better way for someone who is so rooted in supporting artisans and their families to be able to do just that in such a public venue.

There is a subscribe option on the Examiner page so that you can get the Arts and Crafts articles delivered right to your inbox. Please do support me while I promote and spotlight local artisans and festivals.

The Arts and Crafts page can be found at Examiner

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  1. I have subscribed! How fabulous that you are getting to do what you love and meet so many interesting people. Well done you :-)