Saturday, March 20, 2010

Belhaven Market 2010, Handmade Spark, and Jewelry By Mignon

It's been a wee bit quiet on the Jewelry By Mignon homefront as of late, but things are certainly heating up this month. I've just been hired to be a freelance writer for and if you are interested in applying with Examiner, then I have referral information I can share with you.

If you also love all things arts and crafts related, then please do click the 'email list' button on my Examiner page, it says email subscription, but there's no fee for getting on the email list to receive my articles.

Here is my Examiner homepage and I've just published two new articles late last night and this afternoon. My writing topic is Arts and Crafts for the Jackson, MS area. This includes artisan interviews, interviews with promoters of craft festivals and markets, spotlighting brick and mortar locations that promote artisans and their art, promoting arts and crafts events and so forth. I've wanted to do this very thing for well over a year now and to have a freelance writing job doing just that is absolutely perfect. I'm already meeting many wonderful people.

Also, I've just been hired to be a freelance writer for Handmade Spark which as I understand is the brainchild of Timothy Adams - one of Etsy's extremely talented artisans. I'll give you a headsup when my first article is up and going on Spark. On Spark, I won't be limited to just writing about Mississippi arts and crafts happenings, so for those of you who are outside of Mississippi and across the world, then I now have a location to write articles about you and your online shops.

As far as Jewelry By Mignon goes, I got to vend one time so far at the merged Belhaven and Mississippi Farmers' Market on High Street in Jackson, MS and then the flu set in, but I'll be back there again in upcoming weeks and I fully anticipate being a regular there as time and cub scout obligations permit.

So, if you are a Mississippi artisan, I have an interview form for you when you are ready.

If you are outside of Mississippi, I can now say I have an interview form for you as well. ;) This is exciting news.

I'm so ready to get back to designing new jewelry designs now that I'm getting back to myself.

Wishing everyone well and I'm glad to be getting well!


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