Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bewitched Artisan Created Hat Necklace

Many of my designs and creations have a story.  Not all, the understated hoop earrings, not so much, but the pieces like this....yes, inspiration, a story, something.

This one started because I saw a link on Facebook about 'feeling witchy' and the photo of legs in striped tights gave you the feeling that the person intended 'feeling witchy' to portray one who was on top of the world.  Well, that day, I wasn't feeling witchy at all.  That was yesterday, in fact ~ getting over a nasty ear ache...  But, the photo was pretty, and I liked the catchy phrase.  Positives - that's me.  I'm all about uplifting and positive.  I mulled over it, started doodling pointed hats in my sketch book, and then I drew one I especially liked, so I had to give it a whirl with the cutting blades and anvil and just see....
I like the aged look, reminds me of a weathered hat.

I had the hat before me, but no pretty faceted Czech glass dangle or a hammered word.  It needed something, so I plundered through my collection ~ what any sane person would deem as too many beads for one person, and found the most perfect faceted black (Czech, of course) glass bead. 

I debated over what to hammer on the hat, texted a friend for her input, but once BEWITCHED had come to mind, nothing else would do for this first one.  It portrayed the feeling I had when I saw the 'Feeling Witchy' photo.  {{{Do you recall the tv show? Oh, I watched it without fail as a child.}}}  Something fun, mysterious ~ something that would make you smile, even when you have an earache. 

This mysterious, fun, smile-invoking piece may be found at Jewelry By Mignon (just click the link)

Ciao Bella 

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