Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Earring Cards

It's truly not something you shall see until you buy a pair of earrings or some of the daintier necklaces, but I have a new earring/necklace card created just for me by a fellow artisan on Etsy. She actually made them for me a summer or so ago, but I've only now decided to print them. They are absolutely scrumptious and I like them so much more than I do the gray flocked cards that I've been ordering from one of my wholesalers. The designer really created a design that speaks of my love of the ocean and of my personality. They are much more an attention-getter and they remind the shoppers in stores where my jewelry is sold that each piece is handmade by an artisan aka yours truly. :) Come by the online shop and stay a spell. ;) Support Handmade. :)

Mignon ;)

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