Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After the Sale - Jewelry By Mignon

Do you smoke? Do you smoke in the same house as where you store supplies you sell or store the supplies you use to make your art piece? Can you smell the smoke on the items you are shipping? Not likely if you are the one doing the smoking. Is it ethical to sell your product, whether supplies or artisan piece, and not disclose to the buyer that the item is stored and worked with in a smoking environment?

What's the harm, right.

Well, to the average person, there probably isn't any 'harm', they may not buy from you again if the smell repulses them, but probably not any harm. However, what about the asthmatic person who just so happens to be allergic to the mere smell of cigarette smoke? That person can have an asthma attack due to your lack of ethics in disclosing the smoke-filled environment. What's an asthma attack? It's just a little wheezing breathing thing where the person just takes a couple puffs of their inhaler and are right as rain, right. Seriously, what's the harm.

Asthma can kill. It is literally the equivalence of drowning because even though the air is right there, you cannot breath because your lung muscles have swollen shut due to the attack.

So, if you sell, create, produce anything in smoke-filled environment, please disclose this to the buyer on your shop's front page. The actual bubblewrap mailer from which supplies I ordered came in had the strongest smell of smoke. One would have thought it was the equivalence of having been in a closet with the smoker while they were smoking. I literally couldn't get the product out of the mailer quick enough and then had to fling the mailer, tissue, and mini ziplock bags across the room to pick up later as an attack was coming on.

And, while I'm on the soap box of many cigarette smokers not having a clue of the potential harm and dangerous risk they cause, and understand that I realize that most smokers 'do not realize'...... they risk the lives of asthmatics when they light up just outside the exit of a building or lighting up for that last puff while standing in line at the movie theater - I mean really people, your rights versus another's life. Seriously. Step FAR away from the building, step FAR away from the exit and DOWN-WIND, and disclose the smoking environment of your product to your buyer.

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  1. Oh well said! I'm not asthmatic, but I do get serious hay fever in the spring an summer which makes me wheezy, and I'm very sensitive to smoke.

    I'd say the same applies to pets too. My mother has always had several dogs, and quite frankly her house smells. (I know all pet owners don't have smelly houses before everyone shouts at me)

    To her, there is no smell at all, but I certainly wouldn't fancy buying something she'd knitted! *pet and smoke free ozone at niftyknits*