Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink Necklaces....Which Do You Like Best?

One of these is going in the Etsy shop and one is going in the Artfire shop......or maybe 1000markets' shop. It's funny what minute little differences can do to a necklace. One I kept tighter and gave little slack to the beaded section - so it lies a a little straighter. The other, I did give slack and and it has a more angled presentation. One has Bali beads and the other has Swarovski AB crystals. Oddly enough with the obvious variance in the color of the two necklaces, the beads all came from one strand of Rhodonite beads - great example of variation in a given gemstone even when the quality is the same. One strand is clearly pink while the other strand lends itself to almost a pink lilac with obvious lavender hues.

Do you have a favorite of the two?



  1. I like the one with the slight curve to it. I'm just thinking it would fall more gracefully, but then I'm old as dirt so what do I know? Both are beautiful!

  2. Ha ha. Thanks. It is fun to see what people say. :) I like the curve too, but then the next person would like the straighter one.....

    We'll elect to not say you are as old as dirt because the older I get the younger everyone else becomes. I'm thinking 90 may be old, maybe, give me 10 years and I may think 90 is a spring chicken, lol.