Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bella's Tears in 14 Karat Gold-Filled

Yep, you heard right, but don't go getting any ideas. I don't foresee carrying 14 karat gold-filled on a regular basis in the shop. My jeweler hubby gave me this wire that he had bought before he realized it awhile back and I'm not one to waste wire. I thought long and hard of a Twilight design to do with these earrings and believe me, you would have to read the books to have created this design.

I haven't watched the movie yet, but I must admit to my surprise that I find the books intoxicatingly addictive and they are quite good and masterfully written. These books actually go on the bookshelf to read again over the years. Where Romeo and Juliet was merely written by a great author as the storyline wasn't the best. I mean come on, everybody does themselves in. RUKidding me? Then, there's Titanic, the lead guy dies saving the girl. What happily-ever-after knocks off one of the lead characters? That's not happily ever after, that's a wasted movie ticket when I could have stayed home counting the hairs on my head for free. Well as of the middle of the 5th book, this continues to be happily ever after, which leads me to believe that this may end up on the classics list in 40 or 50 years. The Hobbit was thought to be out there in crazyville 40 or 50 years ago and now it's what - a classic - you know it.

Night Folks. :)


Friday, June 26, 2009

My Shops

I have somehow become one of those people. There are two types of those people. The first are the ones who are crazy. The second are the ones who just love various art mediums and Etsy so much that they cannot decide on one artistic medium or having one shop, so they go all out crazy. I haven't decided if I'm crazy or all out crazy yet........ :)

http://www.jewelrybymignon.etsy. com (artisan jewelry as you know)

http://www.sundryshopbymignon.etsy.com (vintage items including an occasional vintage to antique book, etc., and now I have begun adding beading supplies to this shop) Why not, right? I love gemstone beads, so why not buy a few extra along with my own personal shopping and sell some, use some, and keep some. :) I know I regularly want a strand or two of beads instead of placing a full blown order, so surely there are other folks who would like to do the same.

http://www.artbymignon.etsy.com (art and photography by Mignon)
Yep, gone crazy. I seriously shared my art via prints on those Father's Day cards and stepmom told me I should sell prints and such. So, I listened to her and here I go. I have the basics of the shop up, my giclees and ACEO's are on order and should be in any day now - all ready to be shot and uploaded. :) I'll be selling prints in various sizes, ACEO's, and giclees, along with occasional originals. My dear friend from wwww.knotaway.etsy.com sent me a mailer with a sweet drawing on the outside and shared some of her stash of archival acid-free sleeves for prints and art to go in. I'm totally on my way and it shouldn't be more than a few days before my first postings go in the shop. :)

http://jewelrybymignon.artfire.com (definitely selling my jewelry here and may add some ACEO's)

I'm trying my first advertising venture for Artfire tomorrow. We shall see if it is successful. Currently, I am keeping my postings on Artfire to under 10 as you can post up to 10 items for free, then they start charging. If I start getting sales on Artfire, then I'll upgrade to a paid account.

I added Etsy minis and an Artfire mini to my side column in my blog, so you may click one to go right to one of the shops. :)

You know I'm dreaming here, considering I'm still in the early stages of all my shops and such, but wouldn't it be great to be successful enough to work from home..........

Have a great day folks. :)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hypothetical Question

Simply hypothetical here.............but, what if you heard a bang, crash, thud, crumple sound in the kitchen and knew the nearly empty garbage can was knocked over in the kitchen by the kitten around about oh say nowish.........nearly midnight...........and let's just say hypothetically that you pretend you didn't hear it and pretend you didnt' see it and let's just say hypothetically that you leave it for the hub to worry about in the morning. Does that like make you totally bad??????

Strictly speaking hypothetical of course. The Mignon I know would never do such a thing......um er ok.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hubby's Gift

My buddy from http://knotaway.etsy.com has been after me to see one of my paintings for..............oh, near about forever, leastwise as long as I have known her. :)

They're no Rembrandts, Picassos, or Monets.

You know in Shrek, where Shrek says, "That'll do Donkey, that'll do." Well, considering the only folks before today to see my paintings are my family and my hubby very much urges me to paint him his cards over buying them, then, clearly, "That'll do Mignon, that'll do." :)

This painting was painted on a canvas board - 11 x 14. Then - waste not want not - I shot the painting (thank goodness for all the photo shoots I have done for the jewelry) and printed out cards on some very pricey Watercolor 90 lb. acid free paper, which has a nice grain to it for the hub, the f-n-law (Pop), and my own father (Daddy). :) The hub gets the original painting as well. I do hope he likes his card and painting......

So Happy Father's Day folks! :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Latest Loves

When it comes to jewelry, I'm quite shallow apparently. I fall in love with the latest design and rather forget about whatever is already stuffed in one of my drawers.

The simple lines ring I've worn for about 6 weeks straight and I'm finally offering it in the store to sell as a custom order. I love being able to adjust it as my fingers swell in our Mississsippi heat. Then, the sassy earrings just sparkle too much AND its the peacock blue pearls that I just love. Yep, totally shallow - tomorrow it will be some other pair of earrings and these will be forgotten......or maybe not. I LIKE these! And, they're longggg and........sparkly.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hoops, Hoops, and More Hoops

You know as a child the only connotation I had for an anvil was when Wiley Coyote (who wasn't wiley at all) would attempt to drop an anvil on the Road Runner and now I have anvils and hammers and more pliers than the average guy, lol.

Simply B. suggested I put some hoops in the shop. :) I'm so glad she did. I had been meaning to put more hoops in, but forgot... I've been having a blast hammering out my frustrations. Imagine what fun you could have beating metal with a hammer under the pretense of making jewelry.........nah, kidding, but I am having fun hammering. This is the second night to beat on several inches of 10 gauge or so wire - now that's a gauge to beat out any frustrations on and let me tell you, you will get tired before the wire is completed.....

I have 18 and 20 gauge hoops. I tried the 22 gauge, but the wire seemed just to small to hold it's shape. So, 18 or 20 are your choices, except for a certain someone who wants 14 gauge. :) After I hammer and shape the hoops, then I fire them with my torch, and then put a nice polish on them with the buffing wheel. The torchfiring adds extra strength to the wire. Folks have the choice of a satin finish, the antiqued oxidized look, or just plain shiny.

Thus far, I have done the front-hammered design where the wire is wrapped around a mandrel and hammered on the front of the wire. Then, I did some side-hammered designs where you lay the wire on an anvil and hammer the sides. I've done hook-and-eye designs and the neverending hoops that you just slip on. I really like the ones with dangles added. I have a few more designs waiting to be hammered on the anvil - I'll let you know when they're up. :)

I do believe it is time to do a giveaway on here! Who wants hoops?? Be on the look out as the hoop giveaway is coming to a blog near you!

Mignon :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Help!!! Twitter Error

I have not been able to get into my Twitter account for over a week. I cannot even get to the sign-in page. I cannot get to Twitter help to file a problem. I flat cannot get to Twitter. I have tried in the night, in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night and nope - nothing. I cannot get to Twitter at all.

Here's the error message.

A 50x server error was received attempting to serve your request, indicating that either the server is currently unable to handle the request or the request timed out waiting for a response. The error may have been due to a temporary issue and therefore you could try to access the web address again.

I am Jewelry By Mignon on Twitter, but I cannot get on!!!!!!!!!

So, if one of my online buddies could contact Twitter because I can't, then I would be really grateful!!